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Managing recipient stress after pregnancy diagnosis

Sara Kober - Thursday, June 01, 2017

It seems most cattle breeders focus of their management of nutrition, environment and synchronization prior to artificial insemination or embryo transfer. While getting cows pregnant in the critical time period is essential to your herds financial success, maintaining those pregnancies is also important. Now is time to manage these cows after breeding and pregnancy detection.

There will always be early pregnancy loss from 30 to 90 days that may range from 5%-20%. The key is to minimize this loss. Additional benefits also accrue as this fetal developmental period is important to the reproductive health of resulting calves.

A few of the areas of focus should be attempting to minimize environmental, nutritional, and social stresses.

I never like to see cattle lose significant body condition during this time. Balancing energy, mineral and adequate but not excessive protein is important.

Heat stress can be significant in late summer. Adequate shade and cooling should be provided.

Often overlooked is social stress. Frequently changing pens and herd mates will result in stress brought on by establishment of social hierarchy, often referred to as pecking order. This can result in significant early pregnancy loss.

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